Survey membership on satisfaction, engagement and potential negative culture

The client: Our client is a non-for- profit business which represents over 700 member-businesses and its affiliation with other business ranging provincial, national and international.

The challenge: The client was concerned about the members, non-members, and employee’s satisfaction due to rumors about the staff and organization. They wanted HRP4B Inc. to survey their members and the general public to gain insight into the perceived culture of the organization. This organization was planning to change for the better, they were looking at feedback from the members and non-members of their organization to see what people liked, didn’t like, and new ideas to improve in today’s thriving society. They were also in the market for a new CEO and wanted the input of the community to help create criteria they wanted this leader to possess.

The solution: We tailored a detailed survey based on their needs, that helped the client assess the situation. We exchanged survey questions until we knew exactly what the client wanted.  We then sent the survey to members and publicly invited responses.  By analyzing the data, we were able to put together a report for the organization to use as insightful feedback on the present situation and to plan for the future.

The results: The survey responses allowed the Board of Directors to gain actual feedback and understand the satisfaction and engagement of members and the public. 

“Incorporating this survey was a great idea. This shows “the organization” is really trying to improve their image and culture. I am beyond happy they are looking at both members and non-members to voice their opinion, way to progress in today’s day and age!”

-Comment from ‘Survey 47’