Social Media Marketing

Social media is the face of your business. Using your personality, brand identity and business goals, I can optimize your digital strategy and ensure your media presence reflects the best parts of your organization to attract customers, talent, and increase brand awareness.

About me

Working with HRP4B has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities businesses face. Using this knowledge in combination with the technology and communication skills I have learned throughout my undergraduate degree at Western University, I have been able to optimize and grow the social media presence of HRP4B and our clients.

I offer many services to clients, including digital artwork and other marketing materials, website/E-store creation and maintenance, social media platform management, newsletter creation and management, and search engine optimization. More importantly, I align digital marketing strategies with business and HR goals to recruit, educate, entertain, and grow a business’ audience. When working with clients, I utilize their personality and brand identity to make professional and/or humorous content engaging and unique while increasing their brand’s awareness.


  • Digital artwork for social media and print (Including brochures, flyers, posters, social media posts, recruitment ads, and more)
  • Social media account management (Including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tiktok profile optimization, regular sharing, and interacting with clients)
  • Social media strategy (Hashtag research, optimal publishing times research and demographic targeting)
  • Search Engine Optimization research (Comprise a list of keywords for you to use on your website, Google profile, and social media accounts that will make your site more prevalent on Google)
  • Website design, editing, and optimization
  • Newsletter design and article research


$55 an hour (no commitment, ‘as-needed’)

$50 an hour (5 hours/week, 3 month commitment)

$45 an hour (5 hours/week, 6 month commitment)


*Keep everyone in-the-loop |  $760/month

Keep your clients, customers, and employees up-to date with 3 graphic posts per week on up to 3 social media platforms.

*Business package |  $1000/month

Cast a wide recruitment net and/or increase your brand awareness with 5 graphic posts per week on up to 3 social media platforms.

*Optimize engagement |  $1500/month

Increase your social media engagement with 5 graphic posts and 2 additional posts (stories/polls/ questions) per week on 4 platforms.

*Full package |  $1900/month

7 graphic posts and 3 engaging posts per week on up to 4 platforms, created with all of your business goals in mind.

Optional ad-ins

$250/month to add another social media platform

$300/month for a monthly newsletter (articles supplied by client).

*Packages can be adjusted to suit your needs, and custom packages are available!

*All packages include profile optimization, and a 1-hour meeting to discuss how we can get the most out of your social media presence.

*All packages include a Hootsuite account.

Social media post examples

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