Recruiting the right people

Recruiting the right people is crucial for the success and productivity of an organization. Some companies see it is more beneficial to have an external HR department on call.

This client is in the transportation industry in the Burlington area. The client has continued to expand and grow from 2004 to present.

This client was growing and needed a lot of Human Resources assistance, but they weren’t ready for a full time HR person.  HRP4B Inc. stepped in as their external HR partner. In addition, in this organization, there was a power struggle between the leaders of each department which made it hard to be productive.

In order to help this client, achieve their goals and boost productivity, we helped them with a wide range of HR tasks including; recruiting, leadership training, team building and strategic planning. Eventually, when the client was ready, we helped them hire an HR person.

With our knowledge and expertise, we were able to provide the client with unique customized services. This allowed us to help the company continue to grow and fulfil their strategic plan.