Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to build your company culture which will improve your company productivity, employee retention and profits.

Our Vision is to be your trusted ‘as-needed’ ‘in-person’ Human Resources Partner providing customized solutions at affordable rates. Your most important asset is your people and we want to maximize your investment.

Our Brand is about ethics, integrity and giving you the best value for your money.

About Human Resources Partners 4 Business

Our expertise

The HRP4B team is a cohesive team of HR professionals who thrive on challenges and problem solving. Each member of the team brings unique experience and education in areas including HR, business, social work, and law to provide clients with a multifaceted HR solution. We stay current through reading updates provided by our professional association, monitoring case law, following employment lawyers, teaching Human Resources and monitoring government updates. We interact regularly with HR professionals throughout Ontario to share information and develop best practices.

Our process

Call or email us to discuss your Human Resources needs and we will customize our response to your needs—whether it be recruiting, managing a difficult employee, developing HR policies, training, job descriptions, or a dismissal. Your initial consultation is complementary. We can come to your workplace, you can come to our office, or we can work remotely. We support your goals by leveraging our over 75 years of experience, including working with company leaders–just like you–to bring you the best proactive plans and solutions. What are you waiting for?

Our obligation

We maintain confidentiality of information in every action. We may reveal our clients’ names but we never disclose confidential information. We are ethically driven and we will discuss your risk and liability in all actions we recommend. We know that if we treat employees fairly the outcome will be positive and we always have your best interests in mind. We make recommendations and discuss them thoroughly with you, explaining and reducing your risk and liability. We can evaluate your current HR systems and company culture to indicate where your highest risk and liability are and then recommend practical and sustainable solutions. We also provide audits to determine if you are compliant with employment legislation.

We Believe in a Healthy Workplace

We empower leaders to provide a safe and healthy environment where employees want to work. This includes providing clarity to employees with job descriptions, policies, and fact-based conversations where employees are held accountable. We teach leaders to lead by example with vision and integrity.   

HRP4B was awarded a Healthy Workplace Award in 2019 to recognize our efforts.


My company experience a very rapid growth which resulted in an increase to our staff of twice its normal size of twenty people…Katherine was the perfect fit for my company.  She implemented a formal health and safety committee, completed a detailed company policy manual in addition to addressing all of the typical day to day  personnel issues that surface within the office environment… I found one of her major strengths to be her ability to listen to issues and deal with the facts to reach a satisfactory resolution in a very timely manner…”

Jim Calvert, former Owner/CEO I.M.A Ltd. (now retired)

Her communication and problem solving skills were key to our success and the ongoing relevance of the project’s products.  She is highly professional with excellent interpersonal skills and a clear, concise writin”Initially she was hired to manage Workplace Safety and Insurance Claims and shortly thereafter effectively corrected a number of compliance issues with the Ministry of Labour.  She continued to manage WSIB issues and MOL issues on an ongoing basis.  Recruiting new staff during some turnover was well managed by Katherine as well as the unfortunate lay off of more than eight employees at two locations due to business challenges.  She handled the lay offs professionally and with great sensitivity for the employees.  Katherine also designed measures to comply with SCC/ISO issues such as an ethical conduct policy and new confidentiality policies.  She encouraged better communication between all departments mediating disputes and differences and starting a company wide newsletter…”g style.  Much of our success we attribute to Katherine’s experience and commitment to results…. 

Roger Mathur, President, Industrial Laboratories of Canada