Leadership & Coaching Programs

The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself.

-Warren Buffett

Personality Dimensions®

We offer both Personality Dimensions® and Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality tests.

They are both solid well known personality type tests used for selecting candidates to fit a job and to build team.

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Executive/ Leadership Coaching

This program has customized ‘homework’ so that you challenge yourself to develop ways to overcome your personal obstacles and become a more respected and respectful leader.

Especially helpful for individuals who want to be promoted, who have been disciplined, or who have been fired in the past

Job Search/Career Coaching

Working through our custom “Job Search/Career Counselling” workbook you will meet face to face virtually with a seasoned Recruiter/Human Resources Manager who will guide you through how to approach today’s job market. 

Life Coaching

Help improve your social skills, job skills, and personal care skills and provide the support needed for you to engage in enhanced daily living, recreational activities and social activities.

Life coaching focuses on helping you achieve your goals. Coaches help clients identify blocks, challenges, and opportunities..