Investigation of a poisoned work environment which led to a termination.

The client is an accredited, non-profit, charitable organization in Ontario.

The client’s employees were very dissatisfied with the Director. Everyone within the business could see the culture and morale of the company was tarnishing. Workers complained about the Director’s leadership style, negative culture, high turnover rate and poor communication. The client was at wit’s end and needed an investigation to be conducted to figure out what was happening and identify their next steps to take.

HRP4B Inc. began their investigation. This investigation included interviews with the Director, CEO, HR Department and 8 workers from various departments. The complaints that were brought forward, were treated with both compassion and urgency.

From the investigation, there was enough evidence, to substantiate that this matter constituted a poisoned work environment as alleged. It was evident the Directors’ behaviour and leadership style were highly questionable. We concluded that the Director was not a “good fit” for the organization and expressed the urgency to address the problem immediately. The Director was terminated with just cause which resulted in a reset of the company culture and overall morale of the organization.