HR Strategy: Develop your Covid 19 Workplace safety plan

In our latest newsletter we discuss HR Strategy, Developing a Covid 19 Workplace safety plan and the extension of Ontario’s emergency orders.

Here is an excerpt:

I am teaching Strategic Human Resources Planning at Fanshawe starting in July this summer.  I have been teaching at Fanshawe for about 12 years on a part time basis and we use textbooks that are usually written right here in Ontario.  If there was ever a time to think about Strategic Planning for your business it has to be now during this pandemic.

What is Strategic HR Planning?  It is a lot of things including establishing your Mission, Vision and Values, developing objectives, analyzing the external environment and your competitive advantage point. It includes Environmental Influences on HR, HR Forecasting, Succession Management,change management,downsizing and restructuring.  Strategic HR Planning is also about Mergers and Acquisitions, and Outsourcing.

Human Resources Professionals are trained to assist you with many aspects of your business including Strategic Planning, Organizational Effectiveness, Workforce Planning, Labour and Employee Relations, Health, Safety and Wellness. This includes recruiting, advising on discipline,determining the best approach to a dismissal and to allegations of bullying,targeting or harassment. We help with policies and handbooks also.

If you would like to discuss your HR Strategy feel free to set up a complementary meeting with our team to determine if we can help you. Contact me directly at