Food distributor – harassment allegation by an employee… no findings of harassment – employee goes to lawyer…what was the conclusion?

This client is run by a local family. There was a long-standing good reputation for this company before the family bought the business.  Their family is well-known in the business community, and are known to be respectful, hardworking, honourable, and have a long-term solid business reputation. Employees interviewed shred positive statements about the company such as “management is always on the floor, friendly, and helpful”.

The allegation was that a former worker was subjected to aggressive and inappropriate behaviour and comments by a co-worker. Examples of this behaviour include the accused making sexually suggestive faces, purposely backing into, touching and poking the accuser. The former worker contacted the Ministry of Labour and a Lawyer, and as the HRP4B Inc. team was already performing the investigation we took on the legal case.

HRP4B Inc. approached the situation bias-free and began to conduct an investigation. During the investigation, we interviewed both the accused, accuser, witnesses and employees. This allowed for a thorough investigation to be done. When contacted by the accuser’s lawyer, we had done a thorough investigation into all allegations. 

Accusations of physical threats and stalking are very serious. There was insufficient evidence. However, to substantiate that the complained matters constitute harassment as alleged. Therefore, the allegations brought forward were unfounded.  We were able to share the findings of the investigation with the lawyer for the complainant.  In addition, the client had given the lawyer an inaccurate version of their termination events.  We were able to respond to the lawyer about the termination and in doing so, saved our client signification money.