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HR Partners 4 Business is a very professional and knowledgeable organization that has given us step by step guidance in different situations.  We’ve developed a partnership with them that allows us to be current, compliant, and engaged with our staff which has enabled us to achieve success in motivating our team.

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Employee Recall

Are you trying to recall staff that have been temporally laid off? Our experts can help you navigate this, while staying complaint with current legislation. 


Did you know the legislation in Ontario has changed since the start of the pandemic?  Employees who were ‘laid-off or furloughed’ in Ontario, Canada are now on an Infectious Disease Emergency Leave (IDEL).  This leave period will end on September 4, 2020. 

Staff Recall

As an employer, you must know the how the new regulation under the ESA affects your employer obligations.

The regulation affects how the termination, severance and constructive dismissal rules under the ESA apply during the COVID-19 period.

Get immediate answers about recalling employees

HRP4B offers professional information on recalling employees, and will answer questions like:

  • How long should I let the employee be on leave?

  • What are the current rules around the Infectious Disease Emergency Leave

  • How do I communicate with my employees who are on leave?

  • Can I hire someone to replace the employee who is on leave

  • Can I terminate the employee who is on a leave?

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