Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Creating a Community of Belonging

In the last blog post, we wrote about culture being an organization’s “secret sauce”. A huge part of that is creating a sense of belonging. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is the perfect foundation on which to build a culture of belonging on your team. It’s the right thing to do, and a critical business strategy.

So, what does Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mean? All 3 are mutually reinforcing and together, help every employee show up each day as their true selves, and without fear of doing so. According to this blog post on Built In, “Diversity is the presence of differences within a given setting. Equity is the process of ensuring that processes and programs are impartial, fair and provide equal possible outcomes for every individual. Inclusion is the practice of ensuring that people feel a sense of belonging in the workplace”.

Organizations that see the value and place a genuine commitment on DEI and belonging experience tremendous benefits:

  • Variety of different perspectives lead to increased creativity
  • Higher innovation
  • Faster problem-solving
  • Better decision-making
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Increased profits

To create a sense of belonging, here are some steps you can take:

  • Create a psychologically safe space – leaders should look for opportunities to be an ally
  • Check-in with people
  • Ask for input
  • Encourage employee-led Resource Groups

At HRP4B, we’ve helped clients co-create DEI business strategies and programs. If you need support, please reach out to us and let’s start a conversation!



This blog post was shared with the Elgin/St. Thomas Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC) for their June 2021 newsletter.