Create policies and procedures which exceed client expectations, and ensure compliance.

A well-known Canadian company, with a wide chain of retail stores, which was established 92 years ago only had paper version of their handbook and they wanted to ensure they were compliant to current legislation.

The hardcopy was very unorganized, missing key information, and lacking formatting which is important to help a new employee navigate through the content.  We determined that the client also had a lot of out-of-date policies that needed to be updated to comply with legislation. The handbook was missing key procedures which left employees confused and unclear about their jobs and responsibilities.

HRP4B Inc. reviewed the hardcopy and transferred it to an electronic copy. After reviewing the handbook, policies and procedures were created or updated to help outline the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the organization. When creating new policies and procedures, Ontario employment legislation was referenced to ensure the handbook was compliant, detailed, organized, and up-to-date.

Our client now possesses a compliant employee handbook. Employees will now know what their responsibilities are and the procedures to follow if a problem or question arises.