Coaching – The New Workplace Currency

Traditionally, coaching was reserved for C-suite and the most senior leaders in an organization. Certainly, executive coaching remains a critical partnership in today’s world of work. With significant changes and disruptions to workplaces over the last couple of decades, it has been invaluable for executives to have a trusted thinking partner who can help them get unstuck through various leadership challenges. But over the last few years, it has been amazing to see a shift happening – coaching is no longer just for the topmost leaders…it is now being offered for all levels in an organization.

In the workplace, coaching is transformative. It offers a deeper level of learning. Builds more self-awareness and confidence. Improves individual performance. Empowers people to take responsibility and increases engagement. Ultimately, coaching conversations help to unlock the potential of each team member. Coaching is the newest leadership skill, and the new workplace currency.

To build a coaching culture in your organization, start with these “secret ingredients”: curiosity, empathy, active listening, and a mindset that everyone is whole, capable and resourceful. And just as importantly, ask questions – like “what does that mean for you”, “tell me more”, “what’s one small step you can take”, “who can support you”.

On our team, both Katherine and Kris are Executive Coaches, as well as Career/Career Transition Coaches. If you are in need of coaching, we are here and ready to hold space with you!