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Change Management

Change usually affects the entire organization.  Since change affects so many jobs and functions within a company it must include participation from all employees who are influenced by the change process. Successful change requires an organizational culture that is open to constant learning, empowering employees to questions processes and to experiment with new ways of thinking.

Organizations are dynamic, as they are constantly growing or contracting and responding to internal and external changes such as Covid 19, operating virtually instead of in-person and keeping up with current health and safety measures.   The planning process anticipates organizational resource requirements in response to organizational change using a variety of methods to forecast demand and supply. 

The Increasing Pace of Change

Change is occurring at an unprecedented level in our world.  As an employer, you must be aware that change can be good for your business.  Given the rapid pace of change and the higher levels of uncertainty in today’s business environment, firms that are able to manage change effectively are in a position to outperform their slower, less change-adaptive competitors.  A generic model of diagnosing what needs to be changed is:

  1. Recognize the need for change

  2. Diagnose what needs to change

  3. Plan and prepare for change

  4. Implement the change

  5. Sustain the change

(J. Hayes, The Theory and Practise of Change Management)

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HRP4B offers professional information on Change Management and will answer questions like.

  • How do I start the process of making a change in my organization?

  • What messaging do I use with my employees who are used to doing things the ‘old way’ and do not want or seek change?

  • How do I make the changes happen and ensure employees follow through rather than resorting to former methods?

  • How can I work through this without showing my employees that I don’t like change?

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