Happy eight year’s strong to HRP4B

It is our eighth birthday at HRP4B.  Thank you to our clients, our team, our community, our business advisors, our families, our friends, our joint venture partners and many more for believing in us and allowing us to help you build your culture and your team.  We have many achievements including winning an award for Building Healthy Workplaces.  We have been entrusted with Human Resources work by clients both large and small.

Eight is the number of power and infinity and that certainly describes HRP4B.  2022 is also the year of the tiger and that describes us as well.  2022 is associated with the animal’s attributes of bravery, confidence and strong will.  That certainly describes our culture and our team.

It all began in 2014 with a 16-month government contract researching skills gaps in London, the Four County area and the Essex-Windsor area.  During the contract our founder Katherine Englander was diagnosed with stage three cancer.  She underwent surgery, 6 rounds of chemotherapy and 35 rounds of radiation.  Working remotely wasn’t a thing then but she made it a thing. 

Following the surgery and during chemo and radiation she took two Human Resources courses to update herself, wrote her business plan and built her own website.  She took a contract while wearing her chemo wig and was complemented on her beautiful hair.  She immediately lifted it off her head and said, ‘It’s a wig but thank you!”  Just like the team at HRP4B we always have to have a sense of humour!

As she recovered, she gained clients and contractors and staff.  Each year has brought new challenges including our friend, ‘the pandemic’.  But HRP4B has continued to thrive and grow each year.

We have many stories to tell about how we saved clients.  We maintain confidentiality of information and never connect the story to the client’s name.  We have ‘seen it all’.  We are all about relationships and we are proud to say we have a lot of clients and enjoy each new challenge they bring to the table. 

We are professionally respectful and ethics will always be at our core.  We have a strong team that support us as we continue to grow.  Some of our team will remain private as they work full time for other companies and support us as needed.  We maintain their confidentiality and keep them as our ‘secret superstars’.

Please join us in celebrating 8 years of success helping people, businesses, charities, NGOs and others solve problems and become poised for a great future.  Watch out world because we have big things happening in 2022.