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We continue to be open virtually and can be contacted by email at or by phone or text at 519-494-2936.  We know Covid 19 is real but it hasn't slowed us down.  

Can't justify a full time HR person but need some HR expertise or do you need some top level experience for your current team?

HRP4B is your one-stop company for HR services.    

We are your 'as-needed', 'just in time' HR Partner.


HR Partners 4 Business (HRP4B) is a consulting and contracting HR firm based at the Elgin Business Resource Centre in St. Thomas, Ontario with staff available for short and long term contracts throughout Ontario, Canada.  

We customize our solutions to your needs.  We can source, engage, manage and motivate your staff to achieve success.

What can we help with?


  • Mission Statement, Core Values and Culture Improvement and Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Recruiting including screening, referencing and using personality tests to determine 'fit'

  • 'Onboarding'/orientation

  • Job Descriptions

  • Training - custom or standard - Executive Coaching, Lifeskills Coaching

  • Policies/Employee Handbook

  • WSIB/Sick Leave - Early Safe Return to Work

  • Compensation studies/Pay Equity/Internal Equal Pay for Equal Work

  • Coaching/mentoring leaders 

  • Team Building

  • Investigations (harassment, bullying,targeting etc.)

  • Outplacement Counselling for laid off or dismissed employees

  • Performance Management including absenteeism

  • Change Management

  • Career Counselling/Resume Development (we are HR Managers and we see resumes every day and make hiring decisions so we have the inside track) 

  • Dismissals and lay-offs 

  • Compliance to employment law (Ministry of Labour issues etc.)

Why subscribe to our newsletter?  Here is a testimonial about our newsletters:

Monday June 8, 2020


Good evening Katherine,


Simply wanted to share that you and your team have done an outstanding job at pushing out highly relevant and timely information. 


I always enjoy your updates.


Thank you for what you do so well!



Robert Furneaux

Managing Director - Canada

Gorman-Rupp Pumps

What makes us different?

  • Personalized and customized service for your company's needs when you need it. 

  • No long term contract or costs unless you want a long term contract.

  • We come and meet you at your place in person or in our private offices if you prefer

  • We listen to your problems and offer solutions!

  • We can do an assessment or an 'HR Audit' of your business to determine if you are compliant with current legislation and to determine how to increase your profitability and productivity.

  • There is no cost for an initial meeting.  If you have an issue you would like to discuss call us at 519-494-2936.


An organization's most important asset is it's people. 

Partner with us to maximize your investment.

We are members of the St. Thomas, Woodstock and Tillsonburg Chambers of Commerce, as well as the Human Resources Professionals of London and District and Ontario.  We sit on the Board of Directors of the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board. (We are up to date and connected!!)

We are located at:

300 S. Edgeware Road

Suite 204

St. Thomas, ON. N5P 4L1


Legal advice

We are Human Resources Professionals.  We have extensive experience working with employment lawyers.  Our goal is to keep you out of the court room but we will refer you to a lawyer as needed.  We specialize in preparing you to meet with a lawyer and we resolve problems before they escalate.  We strive to minimize your legal costs.



Tour this website and read our testimonials to find out more.


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